Khairi Reda

Assistant Professor
School of Informatics and Computing
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Media coverage

Middle-school kids create a virtual future in 3D Middle-school kids create a virtual future in 3D, UIC news
In Fall of 2013, I had the opportunity to mentor three middle school students in partnership with the SPARK program. To learn what a career in computer science could be like, our talented apprentices created a 3D virtual reality game that can be played in CAVE2.
A Nanoscale Forest Seen Through a Big Lens A Nanoscale Forest Seen Through a Big Lens, UIC's Image of Research
My visualization of a large-scale Molecular Dynamics simulation won the 2nd place in the Image of Research 2013 competition. The visualization was done in the CAVE2 environment, featuring a 320-degrees stereoscopic view.
Showcase for innovation, ideas Showcase for innovation, ideas
Where can you be taller than a six-story building, and smaller than a molecule? Inside the Electronic Visualization Lab’s CAVE2. "You get a totally different perspective than if you’re just looking at a small picture on your laptop screen. It helps you understand data better"...
abc7 News, Chicago ideas week abc7 News, Chicago ideas week
Step into CAVE2 at UIC, a 3-D environment created by students and faculty helps solve complicated problems for businesses...
Chicago computer scientists develop tools to help ecologists in Kenya Chicago computer scientists develop tools to help ecologists in Kenya
Merging the worlds of ecology and computer science meant a trip to the Mpala Research Center in Kenya for Chicago graduate students. Students enrolled in field computational ecology at the University of Illinois at Chicago made the trip to Kenya in January. In Africa, they conducted experiments, used computer technology to gather wildlife data, and took 3D images and video footage to create Mpala as a virtual space back home...
Convention-Goers Get Graphic The Vancouver Sun - Convention-Goers Get Graphic
We were featured on the front page of Vancouver Sun's bussiness news while demoing our interactive applications for Large, High-Resolution screens at SIGGRAPH 2011 with our collaborators at the University of California, San Diego and King Abdullah's University of Science and Technology.
Chicago Public Radio Chicago Public Radio (WBEZ)
Chicago's WBEZ public radio covered some of my work on interactive Multi-touch visualizations in their Chicago Matters series.