Khairi Reda

Assistant Professor
School of Informatics and Computing
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Data visualization

Molecular visualization for nanoscale materials science Molecular visualization for nanoscale materials science
Computational chemistry and nanoscale materials science drive innovations in energy storage and alternative fuel resources. We employ a hybrid visualization approach combining traditional ball-and-stick models with direct volume rendering to visualize large-scale Molecular Dynamics and Density Functional Theory simulations.

Large-scale visualization environments Spatial visualization interfaces
Large, High-Resolution displays are becoming an indispensable tool for scientists to visualize large and complex datasets. The goal of my PhD research is to develop next-generation visual interfaces to leverage the unique affordances of these displays in visual data exploration and analysis scenarios.

Cognitive modeling of visual problem solving Cognitive modeling of visual problem solving
We conducted two experiments to study some theoretical and cognitive aspects that arise in visual thinking. I also developed an ACT-R model to compare visual thinking in Trees vs. Icicle plots. The model simulates perceptual and cognitive operations, and predicts the performance of human subjects when visually reasoning about hierarchical data.

Visualization of dynamic social networks Visualization of dynamic social networks
A visualization of community structures in dynamic (time dependent) social networks. We applied this technique to study communities of Grevy's zebras in Laikipia, Kenya.

Rain Table Rain Table
An interactive visualization to teach museum audience about surface hydrology and watersheds. Users move tangible rain "clouds" on a large, high-resolution tabletop display to generate and observe realistic rain flow patterns across regions, states, or even continents.

Rising Tides Rising Tides
An interactive flood simulation to draw the attention of museum audience to the consequences of rising sea-level due to climate change. Users interact with the application on a mutli-touch screen and experience flood simulations under different scenarios.

Visualization of continent-scale flow patterns Visualization of continent-scale flow patterns
This project uses intuitive interactions to visualize 2D, continent-scale flow patterns. We applied this to visualize Antarctic ice streams.

TacTile TacTile
One of the first truly multi-touch LCD displays to emerge in the HCI community. TacTile is used by several labs and universities for research and teaching. It has also been used at the Science Museum of Minnesota for public education.

Visualizing an 1854 cholera outbreak Visualizing an 1854 cholera outbreak
What would Dr. John Snow have done if he had a MacBook Pro and a copy of Processing installed? This one is a reincarnation of the landmark 1854 cholera outbreak visualization using todays tools of trade.

Turbulence Turbulence
A visualization of Chicago O'Hare's air traffic. Shows a week's worth of incoming and outgoing flights in June of 2009


Ecology & behavioral biology

Context-dependent navigation in social foraging insects Context-dependent navigation in social foraging insects
This project aims to study the navigational strategies of social foraging insects. We employed computer vision and computational trajectory analysis techniques to understand the navigational cues employed by ants during their foraging expeditions.

Herd behavior in domesticated sheep Herd behavior in domesticated sheep
We collected GPS-based movement data of nomadic domesticated sheep in Laikipia, Kenya, and analyzed their social behavior and personality. From this data I built an agent-based model to predict and generate realistic herd behavior.


Virtual Reality / Art

Dracula VR Dracula VR
A reenactment of the final chapter of Dracula in an immersive virtual reality environment. The user (or player :)) experiences the story from the perspective of the protagonist, Jonathan Harcker.

Antarctica VR Antarctica VR
Take a trip to Antarctica! Try to catch and play with some cute virtual penguins in this immersive virtual reality environment.

Ginger Tale Ginger Tale
A short animation of a ginger bread cookie with a not so happy. Key-framed and rendered with Blender, and based on the famous ginger bread modeling tutorial.

Desktop Stampede Desktop Stampede
Paper clips escape from a tipped over mug and start making their way to the the end of your desk, while sticking together like a herd. If you've seen the Lion King this should look like the wilder beast stampede scene.