Khairi Reda

Assistant Professor
School of Informatics and Computing
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Rising Tides


Rising Tides is a museum application being developed in collaboration with the Science Museum of Minnesota. It will be a component featured as part of the Future Earth exhibit.

The exhibit addresses the long-term human impact on our planet, allowing visitors to collaboratively explore the effect of sea-level rise on major urban areas in the US that are at risk of flooding (Baltimore, for instance). Visitors will be able to explore different scenarios of sea-level rise, and interact with a photo realistic rendering that shows how much land will be flooded. The exhibit will use state-of-the art LIDAR data, which provide high-resolution elevation models, to show a scientifically accurate prediction of flooded areas. A multi-touch display will allow visitors to interact seamlessly with the visualization and work together to better understand the consequence of global sea-level rise and how it relates to their local communities.


Early prototype